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THEPRBAR’S Signature 1:1 “PR Done With You” Program

This is a 4-month program that fuses 1:1 coaching and custom strategy development with pre-recorded trainings, proven frameworks, and simple systems that work.

This Program Might Be A Fit For You If


highly motivated, undeniably passionate, a healthy combination of idealistic and realistic, impact AND results-driven, and a natural-born leader.


to develop and communicate your story in both an authentic and strategic way so your name and company can finally be seen and heard.


direction, a custom strategy that actually work$, and another set of expert eyeballs to help you be objective and see the crucial elements you’re far too close to see yourself.


knowledge, hands-on one-on-one mentorship, and investing in yourself so you can both achieve results and lead from a place of informed strategy today and tomorrow.

Your "Pain Points" Boil Down To....



seeing your competitors getting press and gaining traction when you know you or what you’ve created is a better fit or of more value


you’ll miss “your moment”. You know that success doesn’t happen overnight, but you want to make sure you’re ready when it’s your time…and heck, maybe you even know NOW is your time.



by the million-and-one POSSIBLE ways to grow and market your business. Should you be on social media? Is it press? Is it ads? Frankly, there are TOO many options and moving parts.

If you’re still with me at this point, I have one very simple solution for you…


It's Probably Time To Introduce Myself...
My Name is Lexie

I still get carded for NyQuil at the grocery store (you have to look 18 or older to purchase), yet in reality I…

  • Became the VP of PR and Marketing for a High 8-figure Disruptive Empire by the age of 26

  • Have more than 11 years of In-house PR and Agency Experience

  • Have been named “Rising Star”, “Top 20 in Their 20s”, “Brilliant PR Expert”, “Top Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020”, and “Trailblazing Woman Leaders of 2021”

  • Have been speaking on and teaching PR and growth strategies for more than 8 years…

…and if we mutually decide to work together, you’re gaining a “PR Trifecta” for four full months… aka a “Rented VP of PR”, PR Coach, and true Growth Teammate.

Ready to see if this program is right for you? >>>>

Lexie Smith pop fizz clink


“Lexie Smith is extremely knowledgeable and her program, Pop, Fizz, Clink! is CHOCK FULL of valuable takeaways. (She could be charging way more for this…it’s a steal!) You will look at PR from a completely new perspective and will feel like an absolute pro after going through this program…Whether you intend to do your own PR or hire someone to do it for you, this program is a must. You’ll learn what it takes to have an effective PR strategy and about all of the components that position you and your brand to get (and keep) the spotlight…

But Lexie dives even deeper than just PR. She uses her experience and wealth of knowledge to have you examine what’s working (or not) within your business from the ground up (with her own PR spin, of course) and challenges you AND collaborates with you to use all of your resources to improve your position. On top of all this, Lexie is one of the friendliest, most supportive, and most approachable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s constantly looking for ways to adapt her program and the way she works with you to best suit your needs and to see if there are any additional ways she can support you through your PR journey.

And it doesn’t end there. She’s built a member portal so that you can take everything you learned with you (because there’s A LOT she’ll teach you!) and she has a Slack channel for current students and alum to chat and collaborate, all of which gives you the opportunity to continue your education and deepen your understanding of the information and tools she’s provided. In case it’s unclear, I HIGHLY recommend taking Lexie’s course. I don’t see how you can afford NOT to.”



Find Clarity + Confidence

In knowing where and how to promote and grow your business.

Learn How to Land Press

That will increase your brand exposure, credibility, and authority.

Find + Amplify Your Voice

To stand out and increase your influence where it matters.

Secure Partnerships

To accelerate growth and position yourself as an industry leader.

Build Authentic Relationships

With members of the media and other aligned brand partners.

Establish Credibility & Authority

By learning how to position yourself as a go-to expert in your field.

Learn How to Smash Revenue Goals

By understanding how to maximize the ROI of PR.

Master Client + Community Relations

So you can optimize the client journey, upsell, and generate leads.

natalia - pop fizz clink
natalia - pop fizz clink
claire - pop fizz clink
Tangible Deliverables
  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions over the course of 16-weeks
  • Bi-weekly 1:1 Mini 30-minute Coaching Sessions over the course of 16-weeks
  • Team 1:1 Slack Support for 4 Months
  • Team access to 15+ “No-Fluff’ Video Trainings and Frameworks (for life)
  • Team access to 6 Bonus Partner Trainings (and access to all future partner trainings)
  • Team access to 45+ proven Templates/Systems/Checklists and Resources
  • Unlimited Feedback and Copy-editing Support for 4-months
  • Custom Media Kit Created FOR You/Your Company in Canva
  • Private live 1:1 Media Training with Industry TV Vet (via zoom)
  • Promotion Opportunity across THEPRBAR community and platforms
  • Access to “Client Dibs” –> When Lexie comes across a PR or Media Opportunity clients get first dibs.
  • Free Access to all THEPRBAR Events for 4-months
pop fizz clink


Why should you learn to do your own PR?

(As opposed to hiring an agency or outsourcing)

Invest In Yourself

While you’re in growth mode, why not choose to invest in yourself, learn to do your OWN PR, and drive your company forward from a place of informed strategy? Besides, if you someday decide you want to build an in-house PR team or hire an outside firm, you’ll be far better equipped to truly vet and choose the option that works best for your business.

Own Your Story

This one is simple – who knows your story better than you? No one! While your brand is young or still growing, it’s critical to control and shape your brand story (first impressions can last a lifetime!) So, before you onboard a team to communicate your story on your behalf, make sure you know it yourself and are confident in what you want to say to the world.

Build Owned Relationships

One major PRO of hiring a PR firm, is you gain access to their “Media Rolodex”. However, the flip side of that is if that firm doesn’t work out and/or you one day part ways, you lose access to those contacts and are set back to square one. When you choose to do PR in-house, on the other hand, all the relationships you create become owned company assets that you have access to for life!

Become Your Company's Biggest Asset

As an entrepreneur, you need to know your business from the inside out. You need to be able to effectively communicate your story to potential clients, investors, and partners. You need to be a pro at networking, building your network, and nurturing industry contacts. You need to know how to get in the right room, on the right stages, and be seen by the right people. You need to know how to pivot gracefully when needed and still maintain a positive reputation and public image. Basically, you need to learn how to be your own publicist and your company’s biggest asset.

+ Exclusive Bonus Trainings From

Carolyn Stine
How to Make Successible Content - Erin Perkins -
Jenny Jones


How long is the program?

By joining Pop Fizz Clink! you get access to live advisory support for 4-months. The first 90-days will be our “active learning” period where you will digest the content and execute as ready. The final 30-days is pure advisory support – my extra post-program gift to you to ensure you’re executing at the PRO level I know you’re capable of!

How much time can I expect to spend in the program per week?

Past clients report spending an average of 1-3 hours executing per week. Some entrepreneurs choose to enroll in the program with one additional staff member to help assist with the execution of post-content program “assignments”.

Can I get a break down of exactly what I am getting?

Absolutely! Apply above or book a call, and I’ll send all the program details your way.

Are you going to pitch for me?

Nope! This is not an agency. This is a  “done with you” program that focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and their teams to execute PR strategies in-house. I will be your teammate and advisor for four months but ultimately my goal is to get you up and running as a PR Pro independent of me. Not sure if you should hire an agency or DIY? Check out this video.



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