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THEPRBAR inc. is an online coaching platform and resource hub built to help motivated entrepreneurs and professionals expand their impact, influence, and revenue through relationship-driven marketing and PR.

THEPRBAR Methodology

PR is about so much more than just press.

It’s so much more than just the “professional maintenance of a favorable public image”.

It’s so much more than just establishing “authority.”


PR focuses on how we interact with the public.

It focuses on how we connect with our customers.

How we foster relationships within our industries.

How we engage within our own communities, and within new communities.

How we collaborate with the media – traditional and emerging.

How we lead and relate to our teams (from the bottom to the top.)

PR, as defined here at THEPRBAR, “is how we cultivate opportunities through strategic and authentic relationship building and maintenance.”

The 6 Relations of PR

EVERYONE Needs PR – It’s just a matter of “what type”

THEPRBAR students learn…

How to land press features, podcasts, and bylines.
(Media Relations)

How to book highly targeted speaking engagements.
(Public Relations)

How to join, build, and activate communities.
(Community Relations)

How to attract and secure partnerships and collaborations.
(Industry Relations)

How to refine and master the customer experience and journey.
(Client Relations)

How to acquire aligned investment and partners.
(Investor Relations)

Ultimately, THEPRBAR students learn how to build and execute a custom growth strategy that both FEELS good and converts.

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Meet THEPRBAR Founder

And Your Organic Growth & PR Coach, Lexie Smith

I founded THEPRBAR inc. for a multitude of reasons, but one I want to highlight right now is because I was super tired of seeing cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all marketing offerings and solutions for growth. 

I had been doing, teaching, and speaking on organic marketing and PR for more than 10 years (at the time) and had developed a very strong track record of helping companies – of all shapes, sizes, and industries – see massive success organically (without ad spend). What I realized is that everyone’s version of success varies to some degree and thus their path to accomplish such, always looked a bit different. 

To really achieve substantial financial success and impact, it was necessary to develop a customized marketing and PR strategy. 

Fast-forward to today, and that is exactly what I work 1:1 with my clients to achieve. 

Here Are Some Of My “Credentials”:

✦ More than 11 years of experience working in PR and marketing – Agency, In-house and now Coaching.

✦ Former VP of PR and Marketing of a high 8-figure Inc. 5000 company. 

✦ Clients have been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Shark Tank, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., LA Times, The Huffington Post, ABC, CBS, CNN, Wired, GMA, Vogue, Oprah, Reader’s Digest, Tech Crunch, Business Insider, New York Times…and many many more.

✦ Largest recorded client ROI to date is more than 12,000%. 

✦ Recognized as top “20 in their 20s”, “Brilliant PR Experts under 30”, “Women’s Council Rising Star”, “Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020”, and “Trailblazing Woman Leader in 2021”

✦ More than 3x’d agency’s total billable income in 24-hours enabling the firm to launch bicoastally.

✦ Professional speaker and teacher of PR for more than 8 years (I’ve spoken, coached, and taught hundreds of students).

Assisted clients/companies in securing more than 200 million dollars of investor capital cumulatively.

Fun Facts

  • Wife and proud rescue-dog mom from the PNW settled in Southern California.
  • My drink of choice? It’s a toss-up between a great glass of wine or a jalapeño-cucumber margarita with a tajin rim *that rim is critical*.

  • I’m a self-taught juggler.

  • I lived in Italy for 6-months studying art and wine – I am an avid travel-junky (when the world allows) to this day.

  • Lover of all things true crime – TV, podcasts, books…you name it. #SSDGM (If you know, you know.)

  • I LOVE interior design (huge HGTV fan over here!)

  • Snow or Sun – skip the in-betweens, please.

  • Dominos pepperoni pizza gives me life (with ranch, of course.)

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