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Ready, Set, Coach: How to Turn Your Passion into a Profitable Business

Envision a Life Where…

  • You make an actual difference in your client’s lives.
  • People don’t think twice about paying you in full.
  • You reach a point where you get to be selective about the clients you take.
  • Your roster is full and you have predictable and consistent income.
  • You don’t work on your vacations.

Living your dream life shouldn’t be just a dream.

It’s Possible – We’ve Done it.

After years of feeling like our super powers weren’t doing the justice in corporate, we packed up our bags to start our own thing.

While the coaching life is meant to be glamorous and built on your terms, the reality can often look a whole lot different.

Rather than living on an island sipping spicy margaritas in between coaching calls, you find yourself spending countless hours searching for your ideal clients, doing all the free trainings, and working tirelessly as you attempt to differentiate yourself in a sea of coaches — only to be chasing people to even book a free call and wondering when the clock’s going to strike midnight forcing you to return to your dreaded day job.

While building a profitable coaching hasn’t been as easy as you originally planned, what if the formula didn’t have to be so complicated?

We’re inviting you to join us in the fast lane.

If you’re “coaching curious” or you know you’re ready to finally build a profitable business so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of, we invite you to us (Business Coaches Emily Merrell , Founder of the Six Degrees Society, and Lexie Smith, Founder of THEPRBAR inc. ) to take a deep dive into what is coaching and how you can turn your passion into a profitable business.

In this workshop you’ll leave with a clear understanding of what the path forward looks like for you.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Thursday, October 14th at 12:00pm PST / 3:00pm EST

Northwestern - Lexie Smith

Mastering Social Media & PR for Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Northeaster’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative & Dreamers & Doers

Monday, October 18th, 9:00am pst / 12:00pm EST

We live in a time in which social media and PR have a significant impact on our daily lives. Both have the power to open up new communities and worlds for us to be part of, but also create unforeseen challenges. Social Media has great potential for small companies to punch well above their weight. From posts to videos and apps to platforms, Hannah Nieves, Lexie Smith, and Shani Syphrett-Haynes see the pros and cons of this space in their personal and professional lives. With expertise from working on campaigns for large businesses, founding a PR coaching company, and managing the branding at a popular social media company, these ladies will help us navigate and unwrap the ways the digital age shapes us and our businesses.

Register Here

THEPRBAR Virtual Happy Hour – PR Workshop + Networking

Tuesday October 19th, 4:30pm PST

THEPRBAR inc. is excited to present its monthly Happy Hour event series! Join THEPRBAR Founder and PR Coach Lexie Smith for an evening of sips and pro PR tips!

Event Format: Come prepared with your favorite beverage of choice, a notebook and pen (or a blank word doc), and an open mind! Lexie will lead you through a monthly pitch prompt to get your PR juices flowing! Live coaching and Q+A with Lexie will follow in addition to networking and collaboration opportunities with fellow attendees and peers.

There will be NO replay of this event. So if you sign up, make sure you show up so you to can learn to increase your influence, impact, and revenue with PR.

October Workshop Topic: How to be Newsworthy

Accessibility: Closed captioning is available via Zoom.

Host: Lexie Smith

About the Host: From winning Shark Tank brands to some of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies in America, Lexie Smith, Host of the Pitchin’ and Sippin’ Podcast and Founder of THEPRBAR inc., has helped countless companies and entrepreneurs gain accelerated success through the world of Public Relations.

With more than 10 years of PR and Marketing experience, serving most recently as a VP of PR and Marketing of a high 8-figure industry disruptor, Smith has been recognized as “Top 20 in their 20s”, “Brilliant PR Experts under 30”, and “Top Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020”. More importantly, however, her clients have been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Vogue, Oprah, Inc., Shark Tank, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, The LA Times, Shape Magazine, The Huffington Post, Wired…and many, many more.

In 2019, Lexie founded THEPRBAR inc. – an online coaching brand and platform that teaches entrepreneurs and businesses how to expand their influence, impact, and revenue with PR.

Follow THEPRBAR inc. on Instagram @THEPRBAR_inc

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