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Learn How to Be Your Own Publicist and DIY PR In-House

THEPRBAR Flight Teaches Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Startups

How to to Increase Visibility, Impact, and Revenue

Fusing a self-paced PR course with 1:1 coaching, THEPRBAR Flight is packed full of virtual trainings, templates, resources, systems, and workbooks that will help any “Flight Connoisseur” rock the world of PR.

What's Included?

No-Fluff Video Trainings

Access to more than 20+ “no-fluff” actionable video trainings available to you and your team for life!

PR Pro Resource Library

Team access to 45+ proven PR templates, systems, real-world examples, and resources.

1:1 Coaching Support

Two private 1:1 strategy coaching sessions with THEPRBAR inc. Founder Lexie Smith

Real-time Pitch Editing

Lexie will directly edit and provide 1:1 feedback on 5 of your personal media pitches created in the course.

But is this course

"the one"?

This course is for you if you are…

  • Highly motivated
  • A lifelong learner
  • Results-oriented
  • A proactive leader

This course is for you if you want…

  • To land press for you or your company
  • To learn how to land press that converts
  • To learn other organic (non-paid) growth strategies beyond just press that actually work (i.e., partnerships, marketing campaigns and more)
  • To outline a custom growth plan for your company that feels sustainable and in alignment with your core values and goals

This course is for you if you prefer…

  • Self-paced study and learning by doing
  • “No-fluff” curriculum, simple strategies, and proven templates you can implement immediately
  • 1:1 support to ensure you’re executing efficiently and effectively
What you'll learn
High-Level Overview of Your Trainings
  • Defining Public Relations – Learn WHERE to Spend the Time Promoting Your Business
  • Getting Press Ready + Press Asset Creation
  • How to Build a Media Kit
  • How to Build a Strategic Media List to Create the RIGHT kind of Buzz
  • How to be Newsworthy / Land Press + Learn THEPRBAR’s proprietary “PRE PITCH OP” Method
  • How to Establish Relationships with the Media
  • How to Pitch the Media (Dos, Don’ts, Follow-Ups, Industry Tricks & More)
  • How to Rock HARO
  • How to Use an Editorial Calendar to Your Advantage
  • Press Releases – How to Create + If and When You Need Them
  • How to Build and Establish Thought-leadership and land credible Bylines
  • How to Make Money with PR – How to Identify Press that COVERTS + implement effective in-house tracking systems
  • Community & Client Relations + PR
  • How to Establish Brand Collaborations, Partnerships  + Other Growth Hacks

Trainings come with associated workbooks and exercises to aid in strategy development and execution.

Bonus Templates & Resources

These are proven templates, resources, and systems that actually work.

...But What Does All "This Stuff" Do For Me?

It will teach and enable you to...

Land Earned Press

That will increase your brand exposure, credibility, and authority.

Amplify Your Voice

To stand out and increase your thought leadership & influence where it matters.

Make More Money

By understanding how to strategize and maximize the ROI of PR.

Secure Partnerships

To accelerate growth and position yourself as an industry leader.

And MUCH More

How it Works

This is what you can expect post purchasing THEPRBAR Flight.


Receive Portal Details

Within 24-hours of purchase, you will receive a detailed email with a custom portal log-in so you can immediately access the online course trainings, resources & templates.


Receive Guided Instructions

Once inside the portal, you will be guided through a pre-recorded portal tour, an overview of your curriculum, and clear instructions on how to get started.


Book Your Coaching Calls

One week after THEPRBAR Flight purchase, you will receive access to Lexie’s personal Calendly link to book your 1:1 coaching calls. It is advised to complete the online course in full prior to booking your sessions.

If you would like additional support post completing THEPRBAR Flight, you will be given first dibs to 1:1 coaching spots with Lexie.

What Do THEPRBAR Students Have to Say?

Hear directly from past THEPRBAR graduates




“Lexie is an incredible teacher/cheerleader/mentor to have in this space! When I first started this program, I knew very little about what PR actually entailed. Lexie provided insight and expertise into a subject that is SO beneficial as a small business, one that I cannot wait to implement for years down the road and organically watch my business grow. Cheers to that!”

Julie Habelmann -



This is an absolute masterclass in PR. I have never experienced a program as valuable and useful as this one. The way in which the content was organized and presented was thorough but not overwhelming. After each topic covered, I felt confident in implementing those elements immediately. And more importantly, saw results. I got much more than I anticipated, and know I will continuously refer back to what I’ve learned.



“The amount that I learned about PR in such a short period of time is CRAZY. Not only did Lexie provide all of the education material to make this course worth every penny, the level of support she offered was phenomenal. She truly cared about my success and went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed.”

This is the No-Fluff
"Need to Knows" of PR from a
4-Year PR Degree & 11+ Years of Real World Experience


Inclusive Of:

  • THEPRBAR Flight Portal Access (lifetime)
    • 20+ Pre-Recorded Trainings
    • 45+ Templates, Systems etc.
  • 2 1:1 60-minute Coaching Calls with Lexie
  • 5 Pitch Edits/Audits
  • First dibs to upgrade to full Pop Fizz Clink VIP if additional 1:1 support is wanted.
One-time Fee
Payment Plan
$6256 Monthly Payments

Chat With Lexie

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get 1:1 coaching with a THEPRBAR Flight?

Yes! You get 2 1:1 coaching calls with THEPRBAR Founder Lexie Smith. More coaching may be purchased at an additional rate.

What do you mean that I get "first dibs" to Pop Fizz Clink?

THEPRBAR Flight is a self-taught PR course integrated with some 1:1 support. Pop Fizz Clink! is an intimate 1:1 coaching program that offers significantly more 1:1 support, bonus perks, and unlimited feedback and editing, amongst other features and benefits. Anyone that purchases THEPRBAR Flight, is given “first dibs” to any available Pop Fizz Clink! spots. Note that there is an additional cost, but your Flight purchase will be applied towards the program total. If you’re confused on the difference, please reach out or book a call above.

How is this different from other PR courses on the market?

THEPRBAR Flight teaches much more than JUST how to land press. While this is a large topic in the course, it also dives into other elements of PR such as community relations, brand partnerships, client relations etc. Additionally, its curriculum is focused on creating a strategy that converts, and the coursework comes with proven real-world templates. All students also get an opportunity to work 1:1 with Lexie and receive up to 5 additional pitch audits.

How does the payment plan work?

You will be billed monthly on the first of the month. Your first payment is required to officially enroll in THEPRBAR Flight.

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