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Meet Your PR Coach

Lexie Smith

Founder & CEO

Featured in outlets such as Entrepreneur, NASDAQ, and Create & Cultivate, Lexie Smith is a highly skilled and sought-after public relations expert regarded as one of the best in her field. Smith’s clients have landed top-tier coverage spanning from Forbes, Vogue, and Oprah to Wired, Goop, Good Morning America, Refinery29, and The LA Times, amongst many others. Over the course of her 12+ year career, Smith has held senior and executive roles in PR agencies, pioneered and ran in-house PR departments (most recently as a VP of a high 8-figure 4X Inc. 5000 company), been a speaker at conferences and universities globally, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals.

Today, Smith serves as the Founder and CEO of THEPRBAR inc. and THEPRBAR Agency – an online coaching platform, resource hub, and boutique PR agency.

Private Team Trainings

These workshops were built for in-house teams wanting to take on some PR duties in lieu of hiring an agency or entering any long-term engagement. For a long-term team engagement, explore Wine Club.

How to Become an Expert Source

Get featured in the media as an Expert Source – In this private training session, learn how to pitch yourself, your executive team, your founder, or your boss as an expert source. Understand how to stand out, must-dos, things to avoid, and how to build that coveted thought leadership status (and backlink catalog!)

Best For: Teams of 1-8 who want to pitch company thought leader(s) as an expert source. 


  • 90-minute Private Training via Zoom
  • Follow-up 30-minute Check-in 30 Days Post-Session
  • Pitching Resources & Templates
  • Audit/Edit of Expert Source Bios

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How to Write & Distribute a Press Release Effectively

Are you gearing up for launch mode and want to issue a press release in-house?  In this private training session, learn how to write an effective press release, distribute it through a wire service (if desired), build a press release media list, and pitch the release effectively. 

Best For: Teams of 1-8 who want to leverage a news release to land press coverage of an upcoming launch.


  • 120-minute Private Training via Zoom
  • Press Release & Pitching Templates
  • 2 Rounds of Press Release Edits
  • 5 Press Release Pitch Edits

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How to Pitch & Land Podcast Guest Spots

Ready for your or your boss’s ‘moment on the mic’? In this private training session, learn how to effectively and efficiently identify target podcasts and pitch yourself, your boss, or your team for guest segments. 

Best For: Teams of 1-8 who want to learn how to pitch and land podcast guest segments.


  • 90-minute Private Training via Zoom
  • Podcast Pitching Template
  • 5 Podcast Pitch Edits

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Pitching SOS – Why Your Pitch Isn’t Landing

Want to learn why your pitch isn’t landing? In this private training session, Lexie will audit your current press and pitching efforts, educate as to what’s missing the mark, and course-correct so you’re back on track with a winning pitching strategy.

Best For: Teams of 1-8 who despite their best efforts have not yet landed press


  • Pre-training Assessment of Pitches & Media List
  • 60-minute Zoom Session detailing ‘what’s going wrong & course correcting’
  • 5 Pitch Edits

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What Do THEPRBAR Clients Have to Say?

Client Testimonials

Lara Schmoisman


The Darl Agency

“PR is so relevant to every marketing plan, not only for authority but also for relevance. Very few agencies are able to offer a comprehensive strategy. Lexie helped us to implement our PR department and she held our hand every step of the way. She gave us actionable tips and tools for immediate results. Working with Lexie was one of the best decisions I made as Agency owner.


District Bliss

“Lexie is brilliant, approachable, and just a delight to work with! I cannot recommend THEPRBAR inc. enough! AH-MAZING!”

Attendee Responses: 

“This was absolutely the best workshop I’ve attended all year! Well done! Very Informative”
“I wanted to personally thank you so much for organizing the training with THEPRBAR inc. It was truly insightful, and I loved how Lexie was so genuine with her responses!”
“Really clear and super helpful, thank you!!!!”
“This was so wonderful, thank you for sharing such valuable information!”
“One of the most practical workshops I’ve attended all year.”



10 / 10 would recommend the lovely Lexie Smith for learning all the PR things while meeting you where you currently are in your business. This was easily one of the best investments I have made in my business. Lexie taught me so much valuable information, helped me to identify IMMEDIATELY available PR opportunities and by the end I had a full tool kit of at least 10 easy to implement strategies (NOT tactics or hacks). On a personal note, she is also just so kind and makes the PR world easy to understand and accessible. HIRE HER!!



“I really knew nothing about PR, and after my training with Lexie I sort of feel like I have the insiders handbook at my fingertips! I learned so much that is going to help my company grow!

Will I recommend this to friends and colleagues?


How it Works

The process is as simple and straightforward as it sounds!


Book Your Training Session

Follow the corresponding links above to book your and/or your team’s training session.


Begin Onboarding

Within 24 business hours, you will receive an onboarding email with pre-training instructions.


See you on Zoom!

That’s it! Show up ready to learn at your selected training date.

If you would like additional support post your session, you will be given first dibs to team 1:1 coaching spots with Lexie.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on 'Training Day'

Lexie will further explain all details during onboarding, but all live sessions will integrate some form of presentation in addition to dedicated time for a live Q&A and workshopping time for the group.

What if I want to learn multiple topics?

You can! Go ahead and book each training separately with the corresponding link.

Can I book a training session if I'm a one-person team?

You certainly can! Please note that these sessions are on very specific topics. If you would like a more comprehensive training experience on a multitude of topics, explore THEPRBAR Bar Menu.

Is this an online pre-recorded training?

Absolutely not. This is a LIVE private training session with Lexie and you/your team.

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