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13 Different Types Of Articles You Can Pitch - #Newsworthy Blog -

13 Different Types of Articles You Can Pitch

13 Different Types of Articles You Can Pitch

Learn 13 different types of articles that you can pitch for press coverage. 

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13 Different Types of Articles You Can Pitch - #Newsworthy Blog -

Not all press is created equal.  

Thus, it is absolutely critical to up your PR IQ and understand what type of story you’re pitching for if coverage is your goal.  

Furthermore, there are a few important questions to consider when thinking about landing press. 

  • What kind of press coverage do you want? 
  • What purpose does it serve you? 
  • What outlet do you want to be in or platform do you want to be on? 

Asking these questions prior to outreach will help us to draft as effective of a pitch as possible.

In this roundup, we are going to focus specifically on written media – print or digital – and  13 different types of articles that you can pitch for coverage. 

13 Different Types of Articles You Can Pitch - #Newsworthy Blog-

News Articles:

A news article reports news without bias or personal interpretations by the reporters themselves. News articles relay events, basic information, and facts in an accurate, unbiased, and straightforward way. 


13 Different Types of Articles You Can Pitch - #Newsworthy Blog -

Feature Articles:

Feature articles are in-depth articles that go into great detail about events, topics, trends, people, or companies. There are various types of feature articles one can go after. 

Examples of Types of Feature Articles:

  • News Feature: A news feature is a type of feature story written in the style of a news article. It tackles a topic with detail and requires facts and research to back the story.
  • Profile: A profile is an article about an individual – such as a politician, celebrity, athlete, or CEO – or a single company or entity – such as a brand. Profiles seek to give readers behind-the-scenes looks at what a person is like or a deeper look into a company or brand. 

13 Different Types of Articles You Can Pitch - #Newsworthy Blog -


How-to articles are very specific and describe in great detail steps or tips to help the reader do something specific. Most how-to articles include solutions to problems or answers to certain questions, and they can include everything from showing you how to reload a grocery store price gun to how to connect a game system to your television set. 



Opinion / Op-Ed Article:

An opinion or an op-ed article, which is short for opposite the editorial, is a written opinion piece of and by the writer. The writer is typically a subject matter expert or otherwise notable person with the qualifications to have an opinion on the topic at hand.



An interview-style article features an interview of a specific subject. It can be presented in a feature style, Q + A, or an integration of the two. 



An editorial is an article written by or on behalf of an editor that gives an opinion on a topical issue.


13 Different Types of Articles You Can Pitch - #Newsworthy Blog -


Reviews are part fact-based and part opinion and provide an overview of a certain subject – from a product to an event, service, etc. – as outlined or experienced by the reviewer. Review articles work hard to accomplish two things: first, they accurately and thoroughly identify and describe the subject that is being reviewed; and second, they use experience and research to provide an informed and intelligent opinion of that subject.



From short to medium in length, essays describe an opinion or personal experience of the author. Most essay writers concentrate on presenting their specific views on a topic and center the essay on just one specific subject.


13 Types of Articles You Can Pitch - #Newsworthy Blog -


Round-ups aggregate content, opinions, themes, or products within a specific category. They can also be referred to as “listicles” – although a listicle more specifically is presented wholly or partly in the form of a list.



Generally speaking, each type of article will require different information in the body of the pitch, which is why it is important to know what type of article you are pitching before you send a pitch. 

For example, if you are pitching for an interview, you will be pitching a specific subject, and should most likely consider outlining their credentials and availability. If you’re going after a news article, on the other hand, you might find including a news release in your pitch to be worthwhile. 

PRO TIP: Make sure the contact you have selected produces the types of article you are looking to land. Do not pitch a features writer a listicle idea, and don’t ask a How-to Writer to interview your company founder. For more on how to select the right contact, read this article. 

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