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What Really Is PR? - The Girl Squad Podcast

What Really is PR? – Girl Squad Podcast

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Episode 24: Lexie Smith

Meet Lexie PR Expert and founder of the THEPRBAR inc. So what the hell is PR?

Lexie has an awesome 6-step ‘relations’ breakdown:

  1. Public

  2. Media

  3. Client

  4. Community

  5. Industry

  6. Investor

Lexie has an amazing way of describing ‘relations’ and how PR can work for you and your business for yourself, because she totally removes the whole corporate mythology for us.

Lexie believes that you can easily DIY your own public relations because outsourcing isn’t always going to be right for all businesses; AND she coaches female entrepreneurs and small businesses how to DIY their PR so that they can still land BIG success!

Lexie’s favorite PR biz moments? Well, we’re not going to tell you that Girl Squad, so dive in and have a listen!

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