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Exclusive Client Membership

This is an exclusive “club” meets “membership” meets “mastermind” ONLY available to graduated THEPRBAR clients

By being accepted into Wine Club, what I’m basically saying is…

I want to be your Partner in Wine ;)

( No, the puns will never end. Wine not? Cause I said so.)

Support Overview:

  • Weekly Office Hour 1:1 Chat Support via Slack. 
  • Weekly Copywriting Feedback Support (on pitches, web copy, partnership emails, marketing materials etc.) 
  • Exclusive Content and Event Access (Access to private content as created and THEPRBAR free event admissions)
  • 25% off all future THEPRBAR Happy Hours ($75 in savings per session)

Paid Quarterly: $897  |  Paid Annually: $3,289 (one month free)

Support Overview:

  • ALL the benefits of Rosé plus…
  • One 45-minute Private Zoom Call Strategy Session per Month.
  • Daily HARO and Personal Opportunity Scanner (I scan HARO for your business daily and send you any relevant hits – I also feed you regular opportunities as they come about.)
  • Weekly 1:1 Accountability Check-ins
  • Free Audit/Edits to Media Kit and Press Assets as Needed
  • 50% off THEPRBAR Happy Hours ($149 in savings per session – Double the savings of Rosé)
  • One Bottle of Wine from a Women-Owned Winery Delivered to Your Door Each Quarter of Membership

Paid Quarterly: $2,397  |  Paid Annually: $8,789 (one month free)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is payment collected

Wine Club billing is issued via Credit Card in either quarterly or annual sums. No auto-renewals exist at this time. Need a payment plan? Reach out, and let’s chat.

How does the HARO scanner for Reserve Wine Club work?

The prior days relevant HARO queries are delivered by 9AM PST daily via Slack. If I find a query’s deadline that is time sensitive, it will be sent prior.

How do “Office Hours” work?

I will post office hours weekly where I will be on Slack for live support via direct messaging. Questions are welcomed to be submitted around the clock, I just might not get to them until office hours. I will have an emergency channel for questions that can not wait until office hours. You’ve worked with me by now and know I’m pretty quick to respond, however.

How many “items” will you provide copy feedback on?

This perk is unlimited for all membership tiers! However, the content will only be returned once per week.

What is a “Weekly Accountability Check In?”

You will pick a day, Monday-Friday, that you want me to check in on your PR “to-do” list to make sure things are moving forward as planned. Think of me as your business accountability partner / “You Go This Hype Girl”!

Did you say wine??

Of course I did! Because, wine not? Every quarter, my Reserve Club Members will get a bottle of wine delivered to their door at no extra cost. This is my way of supporting small women-owned businesses, and hopefully introducing you to a new brand! Not a wine drinker? Gift it my friend!

Can I pause for a quarter and come back?

Absolutely. Know what’s even better? Come back home within the year and I’ll still honor your initial member rate!

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