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Antoinette Belson -

Top-Shelf #Newsworthy Founder Antoinette Belson

Meet Top-Shelf #Newsworthy Founder Antoinette Belson

Antoinette Belson is a Founder and Interior Design Coach. She founded Happy Your Space, where she helps design family-friendly spaces that are functional and fun through creative design solutions.

Antionette Belson - Top Shelf #Newsworthy Founder -

1. Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do (give us your quick elevator pitch!)

I was trained as an architect and am the Founder of Happy Your Space – an interior design studio. I am also a space planner, interior design coach, podcast host, problem solver, mama, and lover of all things hygge.  I was born on the east coast, lived most of my impressionable years in the midwest, and then moved back east after graduate school. I married my high school sweetheart. Fun facts about me are that I am a leftie, cancer sign, and a manifesting generator. I have lived in 4 states, and have a toddler son, a dog, and 2 cats.

With over 10 years of professional design experience in residential and hospitality projects and real-life experience designing spaces with my Toddler, I teach design solutions for real life through my signature H.A.P.P.Y Method.

I believe that good design is attainable to all, especially those with Littles. I believe every space, even the small ones, deserves to be a happy place to be. I enjoy problem-solving and utilizing innovative solutions in my designs. I believe a space should work for one’s life and can adapt to life’s changes.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Happy Your Space? We’d love to hear a bit about your Founder Story. 

You are just meeting me, but here is a secret, I don’t like taking risks. I am a planner, designer, and a problem solver. Starting a business is the biggest game of risk there is. Founding Happy Your Space at the height of the pandemic was very uncharacteristic of me. However, two things changed for me in 2020. I became a mother and with my son’s arrival, my ambition for change was ignited. Also, the pandemic forced people to modify their living situations to adapt to working, learning, and living at home with all their loved ones in a shared space. As mentioned before, I am a problem solver. During the pandemic, I saw the problem of my family and friends struggling to make their space work for life, learning, and working from home.

As a design coach, I offer design solutions to make spaces work for my clients to accommodate their adapting lifestyle demands. Home means a lot more than it used to. I want everyone to feel that their home is their haven. You spend so much time in your home, especially now, that I want it to be a happy experience. A lived-in space can be one that you love to be in. Today, I have expanded my business by engaging with clients across the nation through virtual design services and coaching!  

3. What makes you different from other similar coaches and consultants on the market in your niche?

My market research has taught me that my services and my goals may make me a bit of a unicorn. I am a designer but also a teacher, cheerleader, and advocate of family-friendly spaces that empower children’s engagement.​​​​​​​​ I want to give my clients the tools to design spaces that foster creativity, calm, cozy, and contained craziness- whatever their life demands. ​​​​​​​​I offer a variety of design services to assist my clients. I offer digital design courses, design workshops, design boot camps, and 1:1 design coaching. Happy Your Space is an action statement – I want you to be able to happy your own space and it’s an emotional descriptor- I want you to be happy in your space.

​​​​​​4. If you had to pick, what is one organic marketing or PR tactic/win that has been helpful in growing your business?

Event Networking and using storytelling as selling has been the most helpful marketing tactic in growing my business. Getting the word out about what you do and how you can help potential clients from a genuine place of generosity and sharing how you serve them to better their lives has gotten the best results for me personally.

5. When you’re not busy working in or on your business, we can find you….

Taking walks outside, playing with my son, or relaxing with a good cup of tea.

Antionette Belson - Top Shelf #Newsworthy Founder -

6. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster. What helps you dig out of the lows? Any tips, resources or reminders?

When things get hard or I am having a low day, I try to take a minute to remember my why. Having my own business provides me flexibility in my schedule and control of my time to decide what I do and when. I would recommend that you always remember your why and try to take some time every day to step away to refuel and reconnect to your why. Also if it has been a really rough day- enjoy reading through Happy client testimonials and remembering all the people I have helped.

Antionette Belson - Top Shelf #Newsworthy Founder -

7. What’s something you can’t learn about yourself on google (well, until this article that is) 

I love performing and I was in all my high school musicals. Karaoke is my favorite outlet and I do a Fierce impression of my two favorite Divas- Cher and Celine Dion.

8. Your dream headline would read (BONUS points for including the outlet)…

Come on get happy! -Antoinette Belson, the founder of Happy Your Space, is redefining the expectations of Living with Littles and creating your happy home.  Real Simple.

9. THEPRBAR strongly believes in celebrating all of life’s wins, no matter how small – how do you like to celebrate?

If it a micro win, I like to give myself a toast and celebrate with a little dance party- could be dancing to a few songs in the kitchen with my son. If it is a big win, I like to celebrate with friends or family who has supported me – either by getting our nails done or a celebratory cocktail hour!

10. Now we have to wrap things up with a true THEPRBAR question, what’s your favorite beverage?

I am a Rosé all-day girl all the way. But if I am on vacation I have to have a Mudslide.

Antoinette Belson - Top Shelf #Newsworthy Founder -

11. Where can everyone go to connect with you and learn more about Happy Your Space?

You can listen to my podcast Biscuits with a Boss, visit my website at, join my weekly newsletter or connect with me on Instagram at @happyyourspace.

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