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5 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs Do These Key Things

Original Article Published on LinkedIn

Every Friday I take the time to celebrate my client’s successes and my own. Have you ever read one of my posts or seen another person’s story… or article… or #HumbleBrag (or #NotSoHumbleBrag) and felt frustrated that other people are seeing success when you aren’t?

If so, read up.

I have worked intimately with dozens and dozens…heck almost 100 entrepreneurs in my career thus far. Here is what I have noticed between those who succeed and those who don’t.

Those who succeed…

5 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs - THEPRBAR inc.

1. …Know their business from the inside out. 

Meaning, even when they reach a point where they eventually delegate tasks, they are doing so only after having performing or fully understanding the business-critical tasks themselves first. (Yes, this means everything from sales, to accounting, to marketing/PR, etc.)

2. …Keep “moving forward.” 

Meaning, sh*t happens in life and in business – successful entrepreneurs are able to pick themselves back up in the face of adversity and continue onward.

3. …Are DOERS. 

They might not be the smartest person in the room, but they are almost always the most proactive and hardest working.

4. …Don’t wait. 

They don’t wait for “someday” to start. They don’t wait until they have $ before they spend $ and invest. They don’t wait until they are perfectly ready before they launch…they just go for it.

5. …Don’t do it alone. 

Whether it be investing in a mentor, or hiring a helping hand, or turning to their partner or support system, the most successful entrepreneurs I know did not and are not doing it alone.

Screenshot/save this article, and next time you are finding yourself frustrated because you’re not seeing the success you long for, return to this list and get really honest with yourself….

-> Do you understand your business from the inside out?
If not, what areas do you need to still understand? What can you do today to begin to knowledge up?

-> What are you doing every day to move forward?
Notice your mindset – is it doing anything to help you? Cut the “Negative Nancy” routine – stop with the excuses – move onward and upward. The only person you’re helping when you dwell on the downside or past is the competition.

-> Are you DOING consistently?
Start creating daily to-do lists of physical actions you can take to move your business forward. Then do them.

-> Are you waiting? Waiting to start, to invest, to ask for help etc.?
Identify what you’re waiting on…then realize that the longer you wait, the longer it will take to see the success you’re hoping for.

-> Are you trying to do this alone?
I challenge you to name one single successful entrepreneur who got to where they are today alone. Go on, tell me just ONE. I’m waiting….

Long-lasting success doesn’t happen by accident. So, cheers to knowledge, to moving forward, to doing, to starting, to investing, and to those who are helping us along the way!

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