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5 Ways To Define A Strong Brand - - Asaadi Graphics

5 Ways to Define a Strong Brand

Key Insights and Tips to Define a Strong Brand

I initially connected with the talented Neela Asaadi, CEO and Creative Director of Asaadi Graphics, at a Six Degrees Society event. We were specifically matched to network together (virtually), and I immediately understood why. Not only is Neela one of those rare individuals who has the ability to radiate good energy literally through a computer screen (goals!) but she’s also incredibly talented. Seriously though, check out her site.  Upon connecting further, I asked if she would provide a crash-course guide to my audience (you all reading this now) on “5 Ways to Define a Strong Brand”. Branding and presence, both visually and through active expression, is foundational to the success of any business. It also happens to be a critical component of successful PR. Check out Neela’s tips below!


5 Ways to Define a Strong Brand - - Asaadi Graphics


  1. Knowing the Key Principals

  • Be CLEAR — messaging / vocabulary your dream clients understand
  • Be RELEVANT— speaking directly to clients current situation/ challenges
  • Be PASSIONATE— clients can sense vision, who you are, what you stand for
  • Be DISTINCT— what makes you different, why are you the best fit CREDIBLE— clients trust and believe you can present a solution
  • Be CONSISTENT— easily recognizable based on voice and visuals
  • Be VISIBLE— frequently seen because you’re showing up in the right places
  • Be AUTHENTIC— you are genuine, original and providing something that has not been seen or done before


5 Ways to Define a Strong Brand - - Asaadi Graphics

2. Understanding the Power of Color

  • People see color before they absorb anything else
  • Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%
  • Research has reinforced that 60% of the time people will decide if they are attracted or not to a message — based on color alone


5 Ways to Define a Strong Brand - - Asaadi Graphics


3. Dive Deep into your Brand Discovery

  • What types of traits best identifies with how you want clients to see you
  • How do you want your clients to feel about your business
  • What benefits will clients gain from working with you
  • Who does your business serve?
  • How would you like to feel while working on your business?


5 Ways to Define a Strong Brand - - Asaadi Graphics


4. Use a Formula for Building Brand Colors

  • Plan on choosing 3 colors
  • Choose your BASE — depending on your brands most dominant trait
  • Choose your ACCENT —  a complementary color that also represents your brand
  • Choose your NEUTRAL — this will typically be your background-color


5. Establishing your Palette & Keep it Cohesive


  • Red – Passionate, Ambitious, Exciting & Energetic
  • Orange – Fresh, Youthful, Creative & Adventurous.
  • Yellow – Optimistic, Cheerful, Playful & Happy.
  • Green – Natural, Vitality, Prestige & Wealth.
  • Blue – Communicative, Trustworthy, Calming & Responsible.
  • Purple – Royalty, Majesty, Spiritual & Mysterious.

Step 2: Who are your target customers

Step 3: Choose your 3 colors (base, accent, neutral)

Step 4: Keep your branding consistent

Step 5: Remember, to be authentic!

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