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Is PR Or SEO More Beneficial? THEPRBARinc.com1

Is PR or SEO More Beneficial?

Should you dedicate more time and effort to Public Relations or SEO?

If you were to choose to dedicate your time to public relations (PR) or search engine optimization (SEO), which would you choose?

Did you choose one?

Okay great; now answer why. (But actually, go ahead and think or speak the answer out loud.)

All done? Sweet – I’m going to guess you answered one of four ways.

1. I don’t know or I don’t care or huh?

2. SEO, duh *now insert reason* (ex: having people find me on search engines clearly creates a larger opportunity for revenue.)

3. PR, obvi *now insert reason* (ex: all the most successful brands get major media attention; it clearly contributes to their success.)

4. Both. *insert reason* (ex: PR = Links = Awesome SEO)

Well guess what…

If you selected SEO, then PR is going to naturally be an essential part of your SEO strategy. On the other hand, if you chose PR, then the results of such will affect your SEO ( which aids in accomplishing the overall goals of making more money, building credibility, or both.) If you answered number 4, ding ding ding we have a winner!

SEO and Public Relations

Many entrepreneurs make the all too common mistake of separating SEO and public relations into two separate categories entirely. And while yes, technically they are different, a wise marketer will view and implement both categories into a singular or complementary strategy.


They share two primary goals – achieving an increase in exposure/awareness and an increase in revenue.

So, how does one affect the other?

Links on Links on Links

First, links. Specifically, back-links. Google LOVES it when credible third-party sites link to yours. This builds online authority and ultimately increases your overall reach and rank on search engines.

How do you get links?

When you or your company earns an online mention or media placement (assuming it hyperlinks back to your site.) How do you achieve this outcome? Through PR! Thus, having a strategic and successful PR strategy is GREAT for overall SEO.

Is PR or SEO More Beneficial? THEPRBARinc.com3

Brand Authority – Are you Popular?

Another way these two categories build authority is by generating strategic impressions. As a general rule of thumb, Google has decided that the more links a website or page receives from high-authority sites, the more important it must be.

Well, what qualifies a site as “high-authority”? Algorithms of course! Within these ever-changing algorithms, search engines pay close attention to how much and where your brand name is getting mentioned online; for example, social media and well-established news outlets. If Google decides your brand is popular, it will up your “street-cred” and overall ranking.

There are many other items that get factored into search rankings – many of which are purely technical – learn Google’s 200 ranking factors here.

Smart PR

If a company’s PR strategy involves creating content, both onsite and off, then it should become habit to employ basic SEO principles when doing so.

For example, when writing a blog, are you choosing a specific keyword to focus on? Are you adding meta tags and keyword-rich descriptions? How about alt image text? Are you making sure you’re hyperlinking to relevant internal and external content?

If not, why not? If you’re putting in the time and effort to create a piece of content, don’t you want people to find it? Well the higher it ranks, the more visible it becomes people!

Is PR or SEO More Beneficial?

SEO and PR – It’s Time to Team Up

Ultimately, while SEO and PR do have undeniable differences, together they have the power of becoming your marketing strategy’s unstoppable dynamic duo.

Have an online store? I assume your goal is for people to buy your product/s. What’s going to help accelerate that goal? Being found. How do you get found online organically? Through PR and SEO.

Are you a restaurant owner hoping to attract a new and younger audience? Well, take a quick guess where most people are going to search for the latest and greatest eateries in the area…online.

All in all, as today’s landscape becomes increasingly digital, so must your business strategy. Not overly keen on pouring massive amounts of cash flow into advertising? Then it’s time to implement a combined PR and SEO strategy and attack it head-on.


Want to implement 15 things to up your website’s SEO game today? Check out my free SEO Checklist.

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