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Can PR Help Your Business?

Can PR Help Your Business?

How to know when, if ever, your business is ready for PR

Are you an entrepreneur who’s just not all that sure if PR can help your business? Not confident that it will be worth the investment? Well, in all truthfulness, you could be right. There are instances where I too would argue a business is not yet ready for PR.

For example, in my opinion, a product-based business not willing to distribute free products to select outlets for review and coverage is not ready for PR. Similarly, I would advise it’s too early for PR if you’re an entrepreneur still in the concept phase. Don’t have photos, a website, or tangible assets to distribute? I wouldn’t put PR on the top of your to-do list.

However, while there are unique instances where your business may not be quite ready for PR, there is a multitude of circumstances where PR can 100% help and benefit your business. To help decipher which side of the spectrum your brand lands on, see if you can answer YES to any of the below questions.


· An innovator who wants to amp up your local, national, or global brand awareness?

· An entrepreneur with a product-based business who wants to increase overall brand awareness and drive sales?

· A knowledge-junky hungry to learn all there is to know about the world of PR?

· A business or wellness coach looking to land third-party endorsements through the media?

· An entrepreneur looking to be publicly featured as an expert in your field?

· A creative professional interested in offering PR as an add-on service?

· A business owner who wants to increase traffic to your website or blog?

· A motivated founder looking to craft and spread your message to a particular audience?

· A strategic leader who is not quite ready to commit to signing a 6-month PR agency retainer but still wants press?

· A #girlboss looking to launch your first ever product or business?

· A seasoned vet of your industry looking to refresh your overall PR and Marketing strategy?

· An excited inventor hungry to get your product into the hands of the media?

· A go-getter who has dabbled in PR with little success but is still confident PR can be beneficial to your brand?

If you were able to answer YES to any of these questions, then PR can 100% help your business. From fashion, to tech, to photography, to hospitality, to non-profit-you-name-it, PR is agnostic to the industries it can benefit.

Still not sure if PR is right for your business? Want to dive into the specifics?

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