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5 Free Ways To Find A Journalists Email Address- THEPRBARinc.

5 Free Ways to Find a Journalist’s Email Address

Free and Simple Ways to Track Down Almost Any Journalist’s Email Address 

Alright, you found an outlet you really want to land an article in. You did your research and found a specific journalist you want to pitch. You’ve crafted your pitch based on their personal interests, beats, and style of writing. You’re confident your timing is relevant, and your story is newsworthy. You’re prepared and ready to make contact and….WAIT

How do you get ahold of the journalist, you don’t have their email address…

5 Free Ways to Find a Journalists Email Address- THEPRBARinc.2

Don’t worry, I’ve provided 5 free and simple ways to track down almost any journalist’s email address below.

1. On the publishing outlet’s website

Depending on the size of the outlet, there are a variety of areas you can check…

  • On a smaller outlet, such as a blog, the writer might put their email on their Contact page.
  • If you’re on an actual article, is the writer’s bi-line hyperlinked? Click it. You’ll likely be routed to their bio where, fingers-crossed, you can find their email.
  • Check the Staff Directory – sometimes sites publish a list of staff members and their contact information.
  • No luck finding a specific writer’s email? Well, can you find another email from that outlet? Great. What is the format of the email – is it (First Initial, Last Name @ for example? Plug and play your writer’s info; it’s worth a shot!

2. Google it

Type in the “writer’s name” + “the outlet” + email. While it doesn’t always yield the desired results, it’s quick and always worth a try!

3. Twitter

Search for your journalist on Twitter! Not sure of their handle? Check their bio (mentioned above) to see if the outlet has hyperlinked to the writer’s social handles. Often journalists will list on Twitter where they prefer to be pitched in their “about section”.

4. Personal Blog

Track down their personal blog – either on Google or often listed on their Twitter bio. Check out the contact page of that blog to see if they’ve included their email.

5. Scour other Social Media Sites/Apps

My top two suggestions, after Twitter, would be to look for them on LinkedIn and then on Instagram – specifically, read their bios.


Hopefully, by now, you’ve been able to track down an email address. If not, and when all else fails, just ask. Ask the outlet or send the writer a message on Twitter or LinkedIn. The worst they can say is no – and if that’s the case, on to the next!

5 Free Ways to Find a Journalists Email Address- THEPRBARinc


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