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Diagnostic PR Audit




A private overview of all current PR materials and strategies to diagnose A) what’s NOT working B) what to tweak going forward.

This service is best used if you are:

  1. Retaining outside PR support (and it’s not working)
  2. Currently DIYing PR (it’s not working) and you don’t wish to enter a long-term engagement with THEPRBAR inc.
  3. Have an In-hour PR team that is proving ineffective (and you want to know what is being done wrong / how to move forward more productively)


  • Full Asset Audit (Photos, Media Kit, Pitches, Media List, Press Release)
  • 30 Minute Live Asset Review
  • A Diagnostic Report – Summary of what to change going forward.
    • Includes:
      • One revised/edited pitch example (if applicable)
      • Edits/notes on Media Kit (if applicable)
      • Edits/notes on one press release (if applicable)
      • 5 revised contact selections (if applicable)
  • 30-minute  Diagnostic Q+A

This does not include:

  • Development of full new go-forward strategy (for additional strategy consultation information, check out THEPRBAR Bar Menu)
  • Physical revision of press assets
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