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Meet the Media: The Realities of Journalism + Interviews - Brianne Nemiroff Spills the Tea

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Meet the Media: The Realities of Journalism + Interviews – Brianne Nemiroff Spills the Tea

Episode 6 – Pitchin’ and Sippin’ – The Realities of Journalism

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Working inside the media world can have its ups and downs. Today’s guest is here to tell us all about it! Brianne Nemiroff is a freelance journalist, travel writer, Product Sourcing Specialist for Kinder Beauty, and the Co-Founder of – an ethical vegan travel blog. Brianne first started her career as an entertainment reporter covering the entire U.S. Then, upon moving to Los Angeles, she worked her way up to become Managing Editor of VIVA GLAM Magazine, a vegan lifestyle publication for which she launched a travel column and interviewed more than 400+ public figures, including Zachary Levi, Megan Mullally, Avril Lavigne, Fifth Harmony, Lady Antebellum, and the Goo Goo Dolls, to name a few.


  • Brianne takes us back to her professional beginnings and all the different topics she has written about during her career—everything from music to lifestyle and veganism!
  • Some of Brianne’s stardom moments include interviews with well-known celebrities, roundtables for Netflix movies, and behind-the-stage Broadway experiences.
  • She stresses the importance of doing your research and coming up with interesting and unique questions when interviewing people. 
  • Brianne explains the purpose of “,” its core values, and how it got started. She also delves into the true meaning of traveling, eating, and shopping kindly.
  • From Brianne’s perspective, the “writing in the media” industry has changed over the course of the years and she tells us why.
  • Brianne shares her do’s and don’ts in order to pitch herself correctly, which sheds light on how to pitch writers in general.
  • Producing content for social media and writing blog/magazine articles can have its crossovers, especially now that social media has widened its tools and added longer captions, for example.
The Realities of Journalism with Brianne Nemiroff - Pitchin' and Sippin'

To learn more about Brianne, visit her or follow her on Instagram.

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