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Meet the Media: Ghost Writing, Advertorials and Crazy Cocktails with Ruksana Hussain

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Ruksana Hussain is an award-winning journalist with 20 years of experience working with local, national and international print and digital media for consumer and trade markets. As a magazine editor, features generalist, and contributing writer for outlets such as Apartment Therapy, Luxury Travel Magazine, California Apparel News, Dining Out, Delta Skylines, Edible Business Insider, Traveler and Tourist – which is her own publication – and many more, Ruksana covers diverse beats and topics spanning from lifestyle to travel cuisine to culture, business, wellness, technology, and much more.


  • Ruksana walks us through the life of a freelance journalist: she writes for many different platforms, local and international; As a freelance journalist, you can also offer small businesses different services such as copy editing, email marketing  and proofreading.
  • Let’s write an advertorial: Ruksana analyzes the difference between writing for a marketing campaign and writing for editorial. Nowadays, there’s a thin line between the two. It depends on who your client is, your audience, the outlet, and overall message.
  • Besides publishing bylines, she is also a ghostwriter. But what does this mean exactly? Ruksana discusses the ethics of this work.
  • For anyone interested in being a freelance writer, Ruksana recommends using facebook groups, looking for opportunities everywhere, putting yourself out there, and introducing yourself and what you are capable of.
  • Ruksana is open to being pitched, but please, do your research! Check if she is the best writer for your project If you have a specific outlet in mind, let her know upfront.


Pitchin' and Sippin' Podcast

To get in touch with Ruksana, follow her on LinkedIn, and check her website


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